Fed Up Over Food Stamps Diet

They were five of the toughest days of Matt Harty’s life: He suffered searing headaches, and went to bed hungry and dehydrated.

“I had a totally unbalanced diet,” said Harty, 29, of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. “I didn’t have one piece of fruit the entire week.”

Harty is among 30 people who recently took part in the Food Stamp Challenge. The five-day test in food frugality, organized by the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, tried to gauge how effective the program is at keeping recipients fed and healthy.

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One Response to “Fed Up Over Food Stamps Diet”

  1. Comment by Taxed

    Food stamps are supposed to supplement a person’s diet, not be the whole thing. The recipients are supposed to be doing something on their own to get food. It is not supposed to be the taxpayer’s job to provide the whole diet. I just left WalMart and was behind a woman so fat I could barely tell if it was a female. She had SIX bags of Snickers candy bars, FOUR 2 liter bottles of Coke (not diet), some chips and a few other things. She “paid” for it with food stamps. I had to expend a part of my life earning that money. What part of this is fair to me and the other taxpayers?

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