OWS Weathers the Storm

Manhattan -

Amid forecasts for an early winter-like blast, protesters at Zuccotti Park collected coats and blankets.

Low temperatures this weekend were expected to hover around around freezing, the point where officials typically advise people living on the street to seek shelter. But many Occupy Wall Street demonstrators vowed to weather the storm, saying they preferred snow to rain.

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  1. Comment by stan chaz

    My response to the unprecedented October snowstorm in NYC is to forward you an email I received from Occupy Wall Street’s ability to keep speaking up for the 99% depends in part on their ability to hold out against the winter weather. And that depends on their having the right supplies—sub-zero sleeping bags, long underwear, and warm hats and gloves. If you have any of these items—or can go buy them today—and are willing to donate, please bring them to 52 Broadway (at the corner of Exchange Pl, next to the Amalgamated Bank). Items can be dropped off there until 9 p.m. tonight or from 9 a.m.  – 6 p.m. tomorrow. (Donations outside of these hours can be brought directly to the Comfort table on the east side of Zuccotti Park.)Your contributions will make a huge difference in ensuring that Occupy Wall Street can keep up their good work. Let us know you’re bringing supplies by clicking below. We’ve also helped put together a new site,, that lets Occupy groups around the country list the supplies they need and lets people like you help fill those needs. Many of those occupations can accept shipped donations, so even if you can’t make it down to Occupy Wall Street today, you can help occupiers from Albany to Anchorage get ready for cold weather. Check out what’s needed here: Thanks for all you do.

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