On the one-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street, our reporters looked at the many facets of the demonstrators’ growing community at Zuccotti Park. We found:

A library with 1,200 books, with subjects ranging from gender studies to science fiction.

•That even a protest against banking and finance needs accounting help.

•A food service operation that’s grown beyond pizza, as volunteers distribute meals, take donations and clean dishes.

•A makeshift medical center staffed by volunteers that include registered nurses, who have helped treat several cases of hypothermia.

•That some protesters dislike major media organizations’ coverage of the demonstration, and better trust social media.

•That groups opposed to the natural gas extraction method known as hydrofracking are looking for supporters among the OWS protesters.

•A new women’s caucus, called Women of Occupy Wall Street (WOW), whose goals include creating a safe space for women to sleep.

•That appearances can be deceiving in Zuccotti Park – especially when it comes to clothes.

•Lower Manhattan food vendors report business is down, despite the influx of potential customers.

•That some protesters – especially self-proclaimed anarchists – are unhappy with the demonstration’s leadership structure.

•Some protesters who were arrested say their experiences with police has only strengthened their resolve to stay at Zuccotti Park.

•Occupy Wall Street’s sanitation committee, brooms and mops in hand, are helping keep the encampment clean.

SLIDESHOW: Click above for photos snapped at Zuccotti Park.