Girl’s ‘Silver Lining’ to Storm

Queens -

When Ariel Creamer, 14, gets home from school, her mother sets a timer for 30 minutes. This is Ariel’s time to go on Facebook before she starts her homework. But she’s doing a lot more than posting party photos or chatting with friends.

Ariel lives in Rockaway, Queens, a neighborhood hit hard by Superstorm Sandy last October. After evacuating with her family, she returned to find friends and neighbors who had lost everything. Ariel decided to help.

She created “Survivors Silver Lining,” which connects people in need from her neighborhood to donors from around the country. Since February, Ariel has helped more than 50 people get their things back.

Ariel was recently named a “Champion of Change,” and invited to the White House to share her story with other volunteer leaders and discuss the power of social media. She was the youngest one there.

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  1. Comment by Prince Jacon

    Wow. That is so touching. Congratulations and many more good luck to Ariel.

    University of Nigeria

  2. Comment by ijere

    Good work ariel…

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