LONE RESTRICTION: “I felt confused. I felt angry. I felt discriminated against. Just because of my sexuality,” said Ryan Manuel Koerber. “Especially when you are trying to do a good thing for other people.”

Renewed concerns about blood shortages have emerged as New York City sees new surges in COVID-19 cases.

Yet federal guidelines still specifically bar men who have sex with men from donating blood unless they have been celibate for three months.

Actor Ryan Manuel Koerber, who was turned away from the New York Blood Center in April, has become passionate about reversing the ban—which advocates say is ineffective at best. Valen Iricibar reports.

Also in this episode:

  • Without access to wifi, students living in New York’s homeless shelters are falling behind their peers during remote learning.
  • A therapist reflects on the increase of Black clients in her practice and what it means to be a safe haven for Black people during this tense and transformative year.

  • A special-education teacher discusses the difficulties she and her students are facing as the coronavirus continues to disrupt classroom learning.

Managing Editor Jackie Harris

Host/Producer Holly DeMuth

Associate Producer Ashley Rodriguez

Reporting Megan Burney, Valen Iricibar, Ali McPherson, Erika Wheless

Engineer Chad Bernhard

Guest Annie Tan, New York City special-ed teacher

Editors Kalli Anderson and Maggie Freleng

Photo Ryan Manuel Koerber

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