More than 230,000 U.S women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Sharon Harris is one of them.

In addition to medical treatments, Harris has developed her own form of therapy to cope with her illness: flash mobs. Harris has participated in nearly 40 of these public dance performances since 2011. She calls flash mobs her anti-chemo.

Harris, 43, was not surprised when she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in 2010. Several women in her family have battled the disease.

While undergoing treatment for cancer, Harris re-evaluated her life. A caretaker by nature, Harris spent much of her time doing for others. However, when she needed support after her diagnosis, some of her friends did not return the favor.

Rather than focus on the negative, Harris decided to make some changes. She stopped doing so much for others and started pursuing the passions she never had time for in the past, including a life-long love for dance. Through flash mobbing – public dance performances that seem to occur spontaneously – Harris has found a new group of friends. They call her the Flash Mob Queen.