With the flick of his wrist, DJ Esquire — a club and competitive DJ — can always get the party started.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, DJ Esquire, a.k.a., John Chavies, 35, uses an eclectic mix of hip-hop, 1980s rock and video game theme songs to create unique tracks. He’s won several major DJ awards, and even traveled to London in September to represent the United States in a global DJ competition.

But Esquire’s winning streak hit a snag last year when he failed to notch a repeat championship at a regional DJ competition in Hartford, Conn. Esquire drove to Connecticut with visions of filling his empty trunk with prizes and awards. Instead, he filled his trunk with beer to take home.

Now DJ Esquire returns to Hartford, carrying with him the desire to win, but also the fear of failing again. Will he pull off a flawless set? Will his nerves get the best of him? Can he reclaim the No. 1 spot?