The Native Roots marijuana dispensary in Aspen, Colorado, pictured above, sells marijuana edibles, seeds, joints and loose marijuana in dozens of strains. Recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado in 2014.

It’s a crucial moment for cannabis policy in New York State as politicians grapple with legalization and activists push to reframe the conversation. This report examines the historical context of the debate and considers the impact of potential reform on New Yorkers.

Part 1: Where Legislation Stands Today

Cannabis was legal in New York until 1927, so what happened? With cannabis rising in popularity, how are Albany and political leaders addressing it?

The answers may be more complicated than you think and range from racial inequity to medicinal properties.

Part 2: The Health Impact of Cannabis

Do New Yorkers understand medical marijuana regulations in their own state? How are educators trying to educate the public and rectify misinformation? Why does this matter?

In this section, your questions around health and cannabis and how their intersection affects the population are answered.

Part 3: What New York Can Learn From Other States

How looking to the past could pave the way forward in New York.