NO BREAK: Luthier Lukas Wronski has made four violins during the pandemic: “It is difficult but we have to connect.” (Photo/Erika Wheless)

COVID-19 has changed everything about how New Yorkers work, where we live and how we dine.

In this episode, Erika Wheless looks at how one Upper West Side violin maker is adapting his centuries-old profession. From Queens, Valen Iricibar explains updates to the city’s confusing indoor-dining regulations. And we hear from homeless New Yorkers who are speaking out on the city’s plan to relocate them after complaints from Upper West Side residents.

Managing Editor Jackie Harris

Host/Producer Megan Burney

Associate Producer Holly DeMuth

Reporting Ashley Rodriguez, Erika Wheless, Valen Iricibar, Ali McPherson

Engineer Chad Bernhard

Guest Rachel Holliday Smith of THE CITY

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