For this special spooky episode we spotlight real-world nightmares: bed bugs and student loans.

Also in this episode:

  • How are haunted houses staying scary during the pandemic? Holly DeMuth reports on businesses keeping the Halloween spirit alive.

  • COVID-19 cases has spiked in some Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods. WNYC reporter Gwynne Hogan gives an update on how these communities are responding to the latest restrictions to stop the spread.

  • Westchester resident David Aukland was a baby when his father left England to serve in the air force during World War II. Growing up during the London Blitz—the Nazi Germany’s intense 1940 bombing campaign—Aukland couldn’t know that the war would take a toll on his family long after it was over.

Managing Editor Jackie Harris

Host/Lead Producer Ashley Rodriguez

Associate Producer Megan Burney

Reporting Holly DeMuth, Valen Iricibar, Ali McPherson, Erika Wheless.

Engineer Chad Bernhard

Guest Gwynne Hogan

Editors Kalli Anderson and Maggie Freleng

Photo Miguel Campo/Flickr

Music Jason Shaw at and The Tides

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