New Yorkers emerging from the most severe elements of pandemic lockdown also are contending with the fallout from longer-standing issues and events, from global warming and the war on terror to transportation and dramatic changes on the arts scene.

Among the highlights in this episode of AudioFiles:

  • Extreme weather events are drawing renewed attention to the many ways the New York Housing Authority fails tenants.
  • Some commuters have found a creative way to save time and money on their daily crossing of  the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey into the city.
  • New York City Artist Corps grants are providing a stage for performers to return to appearing before live audiences.
  • Cosplayers found creative ways to dress up COVID-19 safety requirements at the New York Comic Con.

Producer Clark Adomaitis
Host Angela Palumbo
Assistant Producer Syed Haq
Reporters Harry Parker, Clark Adomaitis, Emily Nadal, Vanessa Ague, Aaron Tremper, Paige Perez, Syed Haq
Guests Aderinsola Babawale and Latif Nasser
Music Clark Adomaitis, Aaron Tremper, and the Moving Orchestra

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