In this episode—which marks the start of the 10th season of AudioFiles—we hear the latest on how small businesses and community projects are emerging from the pandemic.

We’re also joined by food-policy specialists to help us understand the historic increase in SNAP benefits  and a community gardening expert on “activist gardening.”

 Also in this episode: 

  • Hannah Fullmer follows Latanya DeVaughn as she uses her newly renovated bookstore on wheels to bring books and better representation to her Bronx neighborhood.
  • Denny Jacob reports on how the Riverdale POP-UP Market, which started during the pandemic, is attracting vendors from the Bronx and beyond.
  • Olivia Bensimon speaks to taxi drivers outside City Hall during their second week of a 24/7 picket about their debt and what will happen if the city doesn’t find a way to support them.
  • Hannah Fullmer talks with Victoria Costa about the future of the 45th Street Composters group in Queens, which started its collections after the city suspended its curbside program amid budget cuts caused by the pandemic.
  • Yessenia Moreno covers the annual Brooklyn Brujeria Festival, which honors Latnix music, dance and spirituality.
  • Angela Palumbo reports on how some college students are opting to commute to classes to avoid the high cost of living in New York City, the most expensive place to the live in the U.S.

Host Jared Wright

Lead Producer Sarah Molano

Associate Producer Aaron Tremper

Reporters Denny Jacob, Hannah Fullmer, Vanessa Ague, Angela Palumbo, Olivia Bensimon, Yessenia Moreno

Engineer Chad Bernhard

Guests Gil Lopez, Alexina Cather, Charles Platkin

Editors Kalli Anderson and Maggie Freleng

Music Aaron Tremper, Victor Guerrero

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