Decoding the trends that continually re-shape our world can be a challenge.

In these stories for the pop-up newsroom El Deadline, reporters in the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY’s Bilingual Program investigate issues and events affecting the Spanish-speaking communities of New York and beyond.

These journalists detail the risks and rewards of using cryptocurrencies for international money transfers and trace the trajectory of first-generation Puerto Rican musicians in the city.

They chronicle how language barriers encourage the spread of false information and catalog the the plague of wage theft in the restaurants.

And they explore how the “wonder pill” that prevents the spread of HIV has not found wide use among vulnerable people in the Latinx community.

Here are their stories:

Money Transfers Via Crypto

By Jesús Chapa Malacara and Sandra López


(Illustration/Ana Teresa Solá)

Pioneering Puerto Rican Musicians

By Ana Teresa Solá and Santiago Flórez


Misinformation Vs. Disinformation

By Anacaona Rodriguez Martinez, Lucy Cabrera and Gustavo Garcia, with support  from Univision’s fact-checking platform, El Detector


Wage Theft Explained 

By Tasha Sandoval and Vita Dadoo


(Infographic/Manuel Cuéllar and Juan de Dios Sánchez Jurado)

HIV Prevention Falls Short

By Manuel Cuéllar and Juan de Dios Sánchez Jurado