In this final episode of AudioFiles season 11, reporter Rachel Robertson joins to explain human composting and a bill to legalize it in New York.

Also in this episode:

  • We visit a migrant holiday market, hear from Rep. Hakeem Jeffries’ constituents about his new prominence in Congress and check in with unionization efforts at the Brooklyn Museum
  • Host Elizabeth Short sits down with Ligia Guallpa, executive director of the Workers Justice Project, to talk about what her organization is doing to support migrant workers
  • Phil Chan, co-founder of Final Bow for Yellowface, joins to talk about a movement to remove racist depictions of Asians in ballet
  • We speak with freelance journalist Dan Friedman on the calls to boycott the Qatar World Cup games

Managing Producer Amanda Rozon
Host Elizabeth Short
Show Producer Leonardo Lopez Carreno
Associate Producer Thomas Hughes
Reporters Yvonne Marquez, Paige Perez, Thomas Hughes, Trina Mannino and Rachael Robertson

Music TrackTribe Malictusmusic Free Music Archive, Kai Engel, Jason Shaw, WinnieTheMoog


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