Nearly 30 years ago, Ronald Reagan famously asked Americans, "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" More than 60 NYCity News Service reporters fanned out through the city in the days before the historic Nov. 4 election to ask New Yorkers:
"Where do you want this country to be four years from now?"

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2008 Election Snapshots

Samy Alnaquab

[audio:|titles=Samy Alnaquab, 52]

“You see picture of Obama? He was upset. President is upset. How am I? I feel like upset too.” – On Republicans gaining majority.

Subway Aid Falls Off Track

New York is expected to get $1 billion in transit funds as part of the federal stimulus package – but that may not be enough to keep major projects like the Second Ave. subway and No. 7 train extension on track, officials say. Advocates, meanwhile, are calling on transit officials to dedicate more money to system upkeep as fare hikes and service cutbacks appear all but certain.

Anthony Kearse

Age: 42
Neighborhood: Long Island
Occupation: Manager
First Time Voter: No
Political Affiliation: Democrat

“I’d like to see a handle on the Iraq situation.”


Aurora Caponegro

Age: 71
Neighborhood: Throgs Neck
Occupation: Retired
First Time Voter: No
Political Affiliation: Republican

“You have to be in it to win it.”


Rose Marie Mosher

Age: 85
Neighborhood: Throgs Neck
Occupation:Retired, part-time secretary
First Time Voter:No
Political Affiliation:Democrat

“I would love to see our boys back.”


Gabriel Cyr

Age: 30
Neighborhood: Bushwick, Brooklyn
Occupation: Musician
First Time Voter: No
Political Affiliation: Democrat

“Rearranging our priorities internationally”


Sue Kessler

Age: 31
Neighborhood: Park Slope, Brooklyn
Occupation: Photographer
First Time Voter: No
Political Affiliation: Democrat

“We’re at an all time low…”


Mitchell Figaredo

“No more credit for people who don’t have the actual cash to buy.”


Age: 47
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Occupation: Landlord/Realter
First Time Voter: No
Political Affiliation: Democrat