When Spike Cutolo, a retired New York City police officer, saw Jeb’s old, wrinkled face on Facebook, she thought he was a dead dog. It was Labor Day weekend, and he was scheduled to be killed within the next day.

“He looked like he was 100 years old,” Ms. Cutolo said. “He looked like he’d been through the mill and back.”

Luckily for Jeb, a two-year-old pit bull mix, Ms. Cutolo stepped in and placed him in a veterinarian’s care at Bay Ridge Animal Hospital. In the weeks since Jeb’s rescue, he has become a new dog.

Jeb owes his life to the Facebook group “Urgent Part 2,” which posts pictures and information about dogs scheduled to be put down by Animal Care and Control of New York City, which runs the city’s municipal shelters.

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