About Us

What is the NYCity News Service?
The NYCity News Service is a multi-media, Web-based outlet that feeds New York neighborhood stories to news organizations – including newspapers, broadcast stations, wire services and Internet service providers – throughout the world.

Where is the News Service based?
The News Service is based in Midtown Manhattan and run out of a state-of-the-art multi-media newsroom at the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism. The news service aims to serve as a graphic example of how print, broadcast and online techniques are converging in the multi-media news desk of the future.

Who provides the content?
Stories and other content are reported, written and prepared by students, under the close supervision of the school’s News Service Director and professors – all veteran journalists, led by Dean Stephen B. Shepard.

What are the rules for using stories?
The student’s byline must appear on all pieces. We ask that the NYCity News Service also be given credit. Stories that already have appeared in a print publication within the five boroughs will be marked as such on the site, and cannot be used in another print publication, though we love when you link to us. In pieces where a portion of a News Service story is used, we ask that the News Service and student be given credit. Outlets interested in using News Service content should contact Jere Hester, Director of the News Service, at Stories will be distributed to print publications on a first come, first serve basis. Other multi-media content is available for use, as long as credit is given to the student and the NYCity News Service.

What’s the cost?
There is no cost at this time. Just credit the students and NYCity News Service. We’ll link to you on our website.

What are the goals of the NYCity News Service?
The NYCity News Service aims to provide incisive coverage of the city’s many and varied neighborhoods, which do not receive enough journalistic attention. The NYCity News Service strives to tell New York stories in multiple media formats, reflecting the energy, concerns and diversity of the city. The pieces are held to the highest and most professional standards of fairness and accuracy. We will accept no less.

What’s the frequency of posting?
Stories will be posted the moment they are deemed fit for distribution.

Do you accept advertising?
Not at the moment, but please send all inquiries to

What is the News Service’s comment policy?
The NYCity News Service welcomes and encourages feedback from readers of all political and ideological viewpoints. The News Service will not post comments containing abusive language or personal attacks. The News Service also reserves the right to edit posts for clarity and length.

What is 219 Magazine?

219 Magazine is published by the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism as a companion and complement to the NYCity News Service.  219 Magazine strives to offers a broader, more timeless scope for literary reportage, narrative nonfiction and long-form multimedia journalism — the journalism of issues and ideas.  The online magazine is run by Tim Harper, a writer and editor who has reported from around the globe for major magazines, newspapers and websites.

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