Hosts Valen Iricibar and Holly DeMuth are your guides for Insecurity Blanket, a podcast featuring stories about navigating personal and systemic insecurity.

In stories reported before and during the pandemic, we document how people find ways to cope when their normal routines are upended:

  • Isoke Samuels visits an art exhibit about the effect of colorism on women’s lives.
  • Malique Morris tells the story of a Long Island City community group’s efforts to repurpose the location once slated to be Amazon’s HQ2.
  • Ashley Rodriguez looks into how the precarious lives of taxi drivers have led to suicide.
  • Suzannah Cavanaugh profiles a figure-drawing class that helps women and non-binary people build better relationships with their bodies.
  • Holly DeMuth reports on a plan to move a scrap-metal plant to a low-income minority neighborhood in Chicago.
  • Valen Iricibar interviews noise researcher Erica Walker about the sirens that keep New Yorkers on edge.
  • Ali McPherson tells the stories of older adults who are staying active while abiding by stay-at-home orders.
  • Madison Ruffo delves in how parents and daycare centers are navigating the pandemic.
  • Shoshannah Buxbaum profiles an urban-wildlife rehabilitation center focused on returning injured birds to nature.

Insecurity Blanket: The Podcast

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