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We visit a recycling facility to discuss what happens to plastic waste, we learn how a local environmental group in Queens is taking steps to preserve the ecosystem around Flushing Creek and hear from Brooklynites protesting the expansion of the North Brooklyn Pipeline and new vaporizers in their community.

Also in this episode:

  • We speak with Joanna Lee and Caroline Smith, Columbia University doctoral students who have been on strike as part of the student workers’ job action.

  • Aaron Tremper reports on how researchers are trying to protect the turtles in Jamaica Bay.

  • Yessenia Moreno examines the importance of healthcare proxies in the LGBTQ+ community after the death of a prominent member of the queer community in Brooklyn spotlighted the issue.

  • In separate stories, Hannah Fullmer and Denny Jacob explore efforts set up to support local businesses such as street vendors and bodegas.

  • Sara Herschander discusses her project focusing on trans sex workers of color and sex-work decriminalization in New York.

Host Denny Jacob

Producer K. Jared Wright

Associate Producers Sarah Molano and Aaron Tremper

Reporters Olivia Bensimon, Aaron Tremper, Syed Haq, Clark Adomaitis, Yessenia Moreno, Hannah Fullmer, Denny Jacob

Guests Caroline Smith, Joanna Lee and Sara Herschander

Music Clark Adomaitis, Aaron Tremper and Komiku

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