In the third episode of AudioFiles season 11, we bring you stories about rest stops for delivery workers, how New York City deals with hurricanes and provide updates on the midterm elections.

Host Elizabeth Short also interviews reporter Molly Boigon, a Newmark J-School alum, about her investigation into abusive labor practices and labor trafficking on U.S. military bases abroad.

We also speak with Jaime Longoria Castillo, manager for research and training for the Disinfo Defense League, about how misinformation and disinformation campaigns are targeting the Latinx community.


Managing Producer Amanda Rozon

Host Elizabeth Short

Show Producer Thomas Hughes

Associate Producer Leonardo Lopez Carreno

Reporters Tasha Sandoval, Yvonne Marquez, Trina Mannino, Laura Bratton, Leonardo Lopez Carreno.

Guests Thaddeus Pawlowski, Molly Boigon, Jaime Longoria Castillo

Music Jason Shaw, Dilating Times, oymaldonado, Kirk Osamayo

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