People stand in a dimly lit room with a disco ball at the Kleztronica dance party.

DANCE PARTY: Kleztronica is the brainchild of DJ DJ Chaia Berman Peters. (PHOTO: Rachel Goldman)

DJ Chaia wants to introduce you to a completely new way to listen to Jewish music.
Chaia, whose real name is Kaia Berman Peters, is the founder of the Kleztronica rave. It’s a recurring event she kicked off last year that takes place at different locations across NYC.
It was created to offer a place for people to celebrate the mashup of traditional klezmer music with electronic dance music — as well as to offer people of all backgrounds and identities a safe space, she said.
“It’s a primarily Jewish space but there are people of all identities there, and it’s a very welcoming and kind space,” Berman Peters said. “Making Kleztronica is about creating the kind of world that I want to see.”
AudioFiles reporter Rachel Goldman spoke to Berman Peters and other performers about the traditional Jewish music they are breathing new life into.
Music: Chaia