On this episode of AudioFiles season 12, we bring you stories about Tibetan organizers using momos to shed light on an independence movement and a local DJ breathing new life into traditional Jewish music. Then, we talk to health reporter Sarah Luft to learn about long COVID and its impact on New Yorkers. Later in the show, host Amanda Kari McHugh sits down with journalist and audio producer Austin Cope to talk about new regulations enforced by New York City’s Department of Sanitation to tackle the ongoing trash problem.
Managing Producer: Ashley Reed
Producer: Aaliyah Fisher
Host: Amanda Kari McHugh
Assistant Producer: Christian Nazario
Reporters: Sajina Shrestha, Rachel Goldman, Kim Izar, Alex Krales, and Safiyah Riddle
Guests: Austin Cope, Sarah Luft, Dr. Kevin Nadal and Samantha Maldonado.
Editors: Maggie Freleng and Richard Yeh
Sound Engineers: Chad Bernhard and Amber Watson
Music: Jason Shaw on, Benjamin Tissot on, Chaia Berman Peters, Eleanore Weill, Monplaisir on