Partying With a Personal Touch

Brooklyn -

Dashawn Gables makes your party her business.

The owner of Brooklyn Favors Party and Print Innovators in Brownsville specializes in making personalized party favors, including capias — flowers dressed up with ribbon frill and glitter.

Gables is looking forward to the busy spring graduation and bridal season, as she uses her talents to capitalize on what’s become a $20 billion a year party favor industry.

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  1. Comment by Dashawn Gables

    This goes out to Anna Limontas-Salisbury.

    Unfortunately, I did not know that you had posted this interview online. A current customer alerted me to the video about 3 weeks ago.

    So you must imagine the look on my face and the joy I have felt when I saw it myself for the first time.

    Anna thank you so much for the opportunity to interview for you and the publishing of the interview. It has boosted my sales, public awareness of Bklynfavors and most of all, it has given me the extra of whatever I needed to put some serious leg work in the advertising of Bklynfavors Party, Print & Events.

    Again, thank you so much Anna. I wish the best and know that one day when I am watching the news, you will be sitting in front of me and I will be able to say.

    “Anna Limontas-Salisbury interviewed me back in 2008”

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