Woody Guthrie’s “Pastures of Plenty,” describes a land full of promise through the eyes of someone who never gets a fair shake. The song serves as an inspiration for the latest AudioFiles, as we look at some modern-day parallels to Guthrie’s 1941 ballad.
We hear from urban fishermen casting their lines into the waters of the East River. Our City in Demand series looks at veterans jockeying for the best vending spots in New York, and we check in on local fundraising efforts for the Philippines after the devastating typhoon.
Eastbound Jesus joins us for a live set in the studio,and Joe and Lauren Grimm of Grimm Ales drop by for a live Q+A.
Produced by: MaryEileen Croke
Hosted by: Elly Yu
Stories by: Alex Eidman, Jillian Eugenios, Topher Forhecz and Mikhael Simmonds