GO VOTE: Mayor Eric Adams visited the Nostrand Houses in Sheepshead bay ahead of a vote on its future management. (PHOTO: Courtesy Mayor’s Office)

NEW YORK CITY—In the final episode of AudioFiles season 12, hear about a historic vote happening at the Nostrand Houses in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and learn about why activists are working to try and put an end to the NYPD’s controversial gang database. We also hear from an organizational leader working on nail salon rights about the importance of the anticipated Nail Salon Minimum Standards Council Act.

Later in the show, we hear from a postpartum chef who has found a unique way to serve her clients and learn how local artists are using music to help destigmatize mental health in Black communities. Also, union president for the Queens Library Guild, John Hyslop, joins us in the studio to talk about the importance of city libraries and how the newest budget cuts in city agencies have impacted them.

Note: Please be advised that this episode mentions suicide and the sound of gunfire.

Managing Producer: Ashley Reed
Producer: Amanda Kari McHugh
Associate Producer: Rachel Goldman
Host: Aaliyah Fisher and Nicolas Magrino
Reporters: Kimberly Izar, Ashley Reed, Aaliyah Fisher, Safiyah Riddle, Sajina Shrestha, and Christian Nazario
Editors: Maggie Freleng and Richard Yeh
Sound Engineers: Amber Watson and Chad Bernhard.
Guests: Pabitra Dash, Ariella Messing And John Hyslop.
Music Credits: Allison Soul, Audioautix, Catherine Elia, Dekobe, Ignatz, Jimmy Fontanex & Media Right Productions, Monplasir, Richard Anthony and Sean Elliot